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Movies, Why They’re Losing Money

I keep hearing how movies aren’t making the grade with profit.  Well, all I can say is stop having expectations of having a Dark Knight/Iron Man type profit.  The problem with these film execs is they only see the dollar signs and nothing else.  They’re quick to release something to get the quick buck.  Trying to take the audience as a fool just cause they’re fans of a certain superhero.

With today’s economy, people are careful with what they spend on their money.  With the way movie ticket prices are, who wouldn’t.  Also with the internet, it’s a lot easier to get the word out be it good or bad.   Almost everyone has an access to the internet and the best place to get a review of a movie is on forums or rottentomatoes.com.

Another, thing is why are these film studios competing for viewers.  It’s just doesn’t make sense.  If you’re spending on a movie upwards of $200 million dollars not including marketing, don’t you want to maximize it staying power.  I used to remember the days where a blockbuster movie would come out, and there wouldn’t be another blockbuster movie coming out the next week.  It would always be a month or more.  This year it seemed that from the start of May onward, there has been a supposed blockbuster movie every week.  Studios are wondering why their movies aren’t making money.  It’s called saturation.  There are many movies coming out then before.  The ones that do make money are the ones that don’t compete.  Those are those indie films or movies that were made smart by not spending so much on making a film.

That 3D that these companies are pushing for aren’t working.  One it raises the prices of tickets.  Two, you’ve got to wear glasses.  Heck in the 80’s people wore glasses and you’d think our technology could have improved in the last 20 years so that we wouldn’t have to wear them.  3D is a bust.  3D will only catch on when there is no need for glasses and all the movies are made in 3D ie filmed in 3D, not done in post.

So how can these film companies come to make a profit in their movies?  Stop making so many movies.  Stop releasing them so close to other blockbuster movies.  Be smart about the marketing.  With trailers give us just enough without showing the whole movie.  Transformers 3, the teasers were great.  As soon as the opening gets closer they start showing the destruction of Chicago.  What the heck.  That whole trailer is pretty much the movie and the end of it as well.  Trailers are just for getting the viewer excited.  You might have noticed that I didn’t say story.  You’d be surprise how some of the biggest blockbusters don’t have a good story (cough cough Star Wars Pre-equal).  In the end it’s all about timing.  In the coming weeks we’ll be getting Cars 2 (what the hell, where’s my Monsters Inc 2),  Transformers 3, Harry Potter (oh yeah!), and Captain America.  That’s alot of movies in under a month.  Get my point.

Anime Like Movies from Japan

There is a certain look that the Japanese go for when it comes to their Scifi flicks.  Take this for instance.  Called Assault Girl.  The way the movie looks.  It is pretty washed out and gray.  Does it remind you of something?  It has the same blurry grayish look as Advent Children.  Even the hairstyles look the same.   They never seem to want to make it too real.  In the west they go for realism, in Japan they go for something else.  It does separate them though. When looking at it you can just tell from the style it came from Japan.  Even if there was not actor, I would still be able to tell.  Just take a look at the Assault Girls trailer (2009) and Casshern (2004).  Tell me, do you see what I mean.

Assault Girls :

Casshern Trailer: