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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

I’m so out of the loop.  This trailer came out in June, but here it is.  Got to say it kicks ass.  They gave it more of a comic feel with the hard inking lines and semi cell shaded colors.  If you’re like me and totally forgot about this very anticipated game make sure you don’t blink.  If you do, you’ll surely will miss something as there are so much things going on here.   Of note here, why the hell did Capcom make Ryu look so weak here.  This is their game, sure Wolverine has that unbreakable steel, but Ryu got that mega fireball.  Anyways, enjoy.  The game will be out early next year.

More Final Fantasy Drama

Nah.  Just more new footage for the soon to be released Final Fantasy XIII.  The clip shows more characters, more story and more CG eye candy.  If you think Pixar is the creme de la creme, then make sure Square Enix is right next them.  If you want something that isn’t cutesy, these are the guys to look for (As well as Blur Studios).  If you already haven’t noticed,  I have  a thing for this franchise.  If I had money, I would buy all the figurines of the characters for every game that they made, as well as the movies.

On a sadder note, there is news that Square Enix is laying of 200-300 of it employees.  As always, buying out a company (Eidos) is almost a dead giveaway that layoffs are inevitable.  Still, 200-300 people are a lot.  Hope those that are let go will create a new company which will likely happen.

The Last Guardian

If you didn’t know right now, the Tokyo Game Show aka TGS is going on.  It’s similar to E3 only its taking place in Japan.  Anyway there is a new behind the scenes trailer for the game The Last Guardian.  This is probably one of my buy games for 2010 other than Final Fantasy XIII.

If you haven’t noticed already the game has the same feel as ICO or Shadow Of Colossus. It’s created  by the same designer and team as well.  The game is coming out for the PS3 and will sure to sell more systems.  Being a person who has never played but have known about ICO and Shadow of Colossus,  it really makes me want to play them now.  Now if you’ve seen the graphics you will know that it will push the boundaries of the what the PS3 is capable of.  ICO pushed the Playstation,  Shadow of Colossus pushed the PS2 and Last Guardian will push the power of the PS3.

Now lets take a gander at the new behind the scenes footage as well as the trailer for the last E3.

The Secret World

p_secretworldCheck out these trailers for the game The Secret World.  I don’t think I’ve seen a game cinematic that looked this good in a while.  The first thing that comes to my mind are how good the characters look.  If this was not mentioned to be a game and they slapped that green preview info before the trailer, I would have thought it was an actual movie.  This trailer looks like it was done by the same team who did Final Fantasy The Spirits Within.   Or somebody from Blur Studio.  It’s just that good.  The details are amazing.  Take a look at the 2nd trailer with the girl’s sweater.  Look at all the thread reacting to the light.  Not to mention the feathers from that creature.  There is so much eye candy.

The Secret World is an MMO game similar to World Of Warcraft created by a company called Funcom.  It will be coming out for the Xbox360 and the PC.  There seems to be some exclusivity gonna on as there was no mention of the game coming to the PS3.

I ask this.  Look at the trailers.  Now why can’t we get movies that look like that.  The closest we got that looked like that was FF: The Spirits WithinBeowulf was ok, but I still want more variety in my CG movies other than animals, dolls, and cartoony humans.  Come on Hollywood, if some game company can do it, why can’t you.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

There’s more info about the game at www.darkdaysarecoming.com.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

This game kind of came out of no where.  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is coming out for the Wii this December.  For those that are huge Final Fantasy fans, you will surely enjoy this action RPG.  Though the designs are not as mature as those found on the regular Final Fantasy series, it should keep you busy until the big XIII come out sometime next year or the year after.  From the trailer below,  it sure be another fun journey that should give you plenty hours of playing time.

Guild Wars 2: This Is One Epic Trailer

I’m not really an MMO player, but if I was, I would definitely play this.  This trailer is epic.  You got heroes, monsters, magic, vast environments, and an awesome soundtrack.  What I really like about the trailer is the illustration artwork.  It is just beautiful.  They also animated it slightly giving the illustration life.  It’s sort of an animatic,  yet it works well because it looks so polished with the particle effects and so forth.

As far as the 3D, it doesn’t disappoint.  Large environment, very detailed settings and characters.  This looks to be a game that requires a PC with a lot of horsepower.   I could watch this all day.  The artwork rivals that of those done by SquareEnix or the WOW artists.

Visit  the official site at www.guildwars.com.