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And Now Some Oil

I think I’ve said it before, but if schools started using this type of methods for teaching, a lot more kids won’t get bored of it quickly.

Here’s a cool little info-motion about oil and the amount of oil wasted from last year’s BP’s oil incident. Take a gander and find out what didn’t could be made from oil and maybe learn new ways of not being totally dependant on oil.

AniBoom & Marvel’s Motion Comic Contest


Hey guys, just got this in my email a couple of days ago.  Marvel and Aniboom are having a contest with a grand prize of $10,000.  This is your chance to do something worth while.  The winner will have their work used as one of the digital comics.

Here are the criteria:  Create motion in the comic(s) provided.  Use only what is given.  Cannot add or change the story in anyway.  Music, Voices, and Pages are provided.  You can do anything you want, just be creative and stick to the rules.

There will be two phases to this contest.  Phase 1 will be to submit the first 7 pages of the comic(s) provided by October 5, 2009.  Five will be chosen and awarded $2,000 to continue to finish the comic.   Phase 2, the finalists and wildcard finalist(s) (yes if you didn’t win in phase 1, you still have a chance of winning the grand prize) will compete for that prize.

You must be signed on to Aniboom to compete.  Have fun and good luck.  More information visit HERE.

Autodesk Live Streaming (SIGGRAPH ’09)

A little reminder.  Autodesk is streaming their Siggraph presentations live online for three days.  They’ll have presentations from companies who use their software.  It also includes how those companies create their projects.  Pretty entertaining and informative.  You can check it out at Autodesk’s website.  They also have included a schedule of who’s on at what day and time.  Live streaming will be on August 4th to the 6th.

Click HERE to watch

PSP Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is being ported over to PSP.  Check the video above.  It doesn’t look that different from the PS3 version.  I wonder if this will have online play.  The PS3 version was fun as hell.  With the online play, it made it even that much better.  Now we can have LBP on the go.

Here is the original music video for the main theme song on the Little big Planet PS3 version.  Love this song.