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Check Out A Look At Areanet

Take a look at the creators of Guild Wars 2.  The company is called Arenanet who were started by 3 ex-Blizzard employees.  They started in a small apartment, then moved to where the space needle was (Seattle) and well the rest was history.  Enjoy the 15 minute video below.

Guild Wars 2: This Is One Epic Trailer

I’m not really an MMO player, but if I was, I would definitely play this.  This trailer is epic.  You got heroes, monsters, magic, vast environments, and an awesome soundtrack.  What I really like about the trailer is the illustration artwork.  It is just beautiful.  They also animated it slightly giving the illustration life.  It’s sort of an animatic,  yet it works well because it looks so polished with the particle effects and so forth.

As far as the 3D, it doesn’t disappoint.  Large environment, very detailed settings and characters.  This looks to be a game that requires a PC with a lot of horsepower.   I could watch this all day.  The artwork rivals that of those done by SquareEnix or the WOW artists.

Visit  the official site at www.guildwars.com.