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Logorama: Product Placement All Around

Logorama is the creation of the French collective H5.  It’s a great short that shows everyday product brands  and putting life into them.  It has a mixture of everything.  It’s fun to watch and see all those brands doing something that you would have never thought.  Think that Ronald McDonald is all happy and nice? Think again.  I never thought the Pringles man can drive a truck before.

It’s a very entertaining short.  It’s been nominated for an Oscar this year for best short.  Will it win?  I don’t know.   From watching it, while entertaining, it kind of got lost at the end.  They never really finished the story from the beginning which was kind of a let down.  It’s still fun to watch, but make sure you don’t let the little kids see this, as there are some mature language.

Short’s Official site: www.logorama-themovie.com

Creators site: www.h5.fr