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The Different Generations Of Sonic

So it’s Sonic the Hedghog’s 20th anniversary.  Sega took it upon themselves to make a Sonic game that was made for the new fans and the old.  In Sonic Generations,  you can play as the new Sonic (taller more attitude) or the old Sonic (younger and more cuter).  Sega has taken some of the best levels of the Sonic games and put them in this one all revamped (most of them anyway) to look great on your HDTV.  Also don’t forget that this game is 3D capable, so if you have a television that supports 3D then turn that feature on.

As stated before the levels have been updated.  Also note that this game is both 2D and 3D.  Meaning you can play some levels as side scroller ala the 16-bit days or 3D also post Dreamcast days.  Sega made sure to please both fans.  As it looks from the video shown on the web, this could be that best game since the 16-bit era.  It looks like Sonic is back and this time back to shine in the spot light. Check out the fan-made trailer for the game and Sega should really consider this as their new promo trailer.