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Yellowcard Is Passed Hanging On

It’s refreshing a group that went on hiatus a couple of years ago has decided to come back for another great album.  While groups like the Starting Line and Fall Out Boy are in limbo, Yellowcard on the other hand are done with their vacation and ready to rock the world once again.  Their newest album, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, is something that doesn’t stray at all too far from their previous album.  It’s got it’s fast moments, it mellow moments, and it’s poppy moments.  The best of all it still Yellowcard’s signature sound.  They’re aren’t reinventing themselves.  They’re just being themselves.  The violin is great, the lead singers voice is the same and the whole band sound the same as they were a couple of years ago.

What I”m really saying is that this album thank god isn’t something you’ll listen to and say what the hell happened to them.  Some people say that as bands gets older they’re sound changes.  And you know what,  most of the time is gets worst as well. It’s always good for to a see a band not follow a trend or have to prove something.  It’s nice to see Yellowcard do.    Check out their new video “Hang You Up” below:

Visit Yellowcard’s Official Website at www.yellowcardrock.com.