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Rendering Through The Internet

Looks like things are starting to move forward. If you’re a 3D artist and also a Blender user, you can now render you work through the internet. Think of it as a render farm, but it’s all over the world. It depends on how many people go and sign and let their computers be used in the render farm. It’s pretty cool if you’re computer is pretty slow and you need some renders quick.

If you’re rendering something commercially or under NDA then this wouldn’t pertain to use as images/video of your renders might be used for the promotion of the service. If you’re a hobbyist and generally don’t care for what happens to your render, then this is a great service. The only thing, how do you get back all the finished frames? Will I have to download all that data back. Looks like people’s caps on the internet will be met soon than later. If you’re interested check out www.renderfarm.fi for more information or to be a participant.