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Android On The iPhone

This is a milestone.  The Android OS is running natively on the iPhone.  It’s still in the alpha stage and it only works on the 2G version (aluminum backing).  In time and with the help of donations, we’ll see it for all versions of the iPhone.  I’ve been waiting for this forever.  Now it’s only a matter of time before we don’t have to toss our old iPhones and save around $500 in the process.  By changing the OS, it opens a whole new world.

As you can see from the video, it is working pretty well for an alpha. It’s freaking smooth.  Calls, wifi, data, and touch are all working.  I would have liked to see the navigation on it as that is one of the great things about Android as well as it’s openness.  Yeah, we’re not stuck with iTunes anymore.  As you can see he mapped some of the buttons differently.  In the end, it looks very promising.  If you’re afraid of doing this or are sick of the OS, you can always revert back to the Apple OS since all you’re doing is dual booting.   Don’t forget to donate so they can speed the process up.  Don’t drool too much cause you’re about to see what’s really “magical”. For donations or to contribute head on over to linuxoniphone.

4G iPhone Revealed?

It looks very plausible.  Gizmodo has the actual device on hand.  I’m surprised that they have it.  Apple even wants it back, but Gizmodo still has it. Interesting.  With how big Apple is,  I’m wondering if there’s gonna be some legal action taken or not.

Now you’re wondering why we have Apple news even though some of our articles are against Apple, well it’s new technology and whatever bias we have isn’t gonna stop us from posting hot news.

Now, if you’re too lazy to head on to Gizmodo, here are some things to know.  The screen rez is higher, front facing camera, better camera and flash on the back, new design, larger battery, and the use of micro sim.  Now who knows if this is how it will look since it could be a prototype, but with how everything leaks nowadays,  this is probably gonna be what we’ll see  in Apple’s June announcement.

Man, I wonder if the person who lost this is still working for Apple.

Check out more videos and pics at www.gizmodo.com

Don’t Forget The Apple Show Today

What will Steve Jobs be announcing today.  A new tablet?  Will it be a new incarnation of the iphone?  Will the iphone not be exclusive to ATT anymore?  Will we get a sneak peak at the new iphone OS 4.0 with supposedly mulitasking?  Well than make sure to look on the net around 12:00pm CDT for the show.