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The Statue Of Gundam

While the US gets a statue of Liberty, what does Japan get?  That’s right, a freaking huge mech.  More specifically, a Gundam.  Please note what you will see in the video below is not fake or composited, it truly is a 1:1 statue of the iconic Gundam.  In addition to that it’s head moves, it lights up and there is even smoke that occasionally comes out of the vents and exhaust.  I wouldn’t mind if they built one these mechs or robots here in the US.  I also don’t mean one the size of a car, but a full blown 1:1 sized one.  Maybe a Voltron or heck how about something American made like the Iron Giant.  Anyways those that loves anime, Gundam and robots don’t get too excited because the likely hood this thing will come around to your neighborhood is nil.

Japan: Is It Really That Strange?

I came upon this video called “Japan: The Strange Country”. From a graphically point of view I thought it looked really cool. It was very simple. The style almost looks like that of the Vimeo or Twitter websites. Only that it’s in motion.

As far as the content goes well I don’t know. The first part seemed fine, but when it got to the 8 things about Japan, it kind of got a little how can I say it. Well, almost anti-Japanese. It could almost be a bashing thing. I know this was a translated voice over, but I think the wording is just really bad. If as the creator stated it was for the Japanese people, shouldn’t he have used we, us, or you? He also stated it was from a foreigner’s point of view. Who cares what the foreigners think. I don’t think the Japanese locals are gonna care what the foreigners think. Anyways, you decide for yourself.

Anime Like Movies from Japan

There is a certain look that the Japanese go for when it comes to their Scifi flicks.  Take this for instance.  Called Assault Girl.  The way the movie looks.  It is pretty washed out and gray.  Does it remind you of something?  It has the same blurry grayish look as Advent Children.  Even the hairstyles look the same.   They never seem to want to make it too real.  In the west they go for realism, in Japan they go for something else.  It does separate them though. When looking at it you can just tell from the style it came from Japan.  Even if there was not actor, I would still be able to tell.  Just take a look at the Assault Girls trailer (2009) and Casshern (2004).  Tell me, do you see what I mean.

Assault Girls :

Casshern Trailer:

Memory From A Robot’s Perspective

Here is a good little short animation piece by a group of individuals in Japan.  They call themselves Falcon One. This is probably one of the first shorts I’ve seen done with Blender other than the ones by the Blender Foundation.  The short takes the viewer to the memories of a robot before the big war.  The animation in some part wasn’t very good, but the design and atmosphere sure are.  The music is very fitting too.  Very reminiscent of some Final Fantasy pieces.  What’s strange is you forget all the technical faults of the piece because the story is very touching.  You might have a tear in your eye.  If you don’t believe me take a look at it below.  It’s 7 minutes that will be well spent.

You can visit and view more of their works at www.falcon-one.net.