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A Day At Pixar

You may know him, or you may not, but he’s name is synonymous with Pixar.  John Lasseter, the guy in charge of many movies done at Pixar.  This video you’re about to see is just a day at what Mr. Lasseter does.  I must say that’s his home is the amazing.  Trains, toys, and other fun stuffs.  The man is a kid stuck in a man’s body.  Then he takes you to Pixar.  Now if you’re into 3D or animation, this place is the holy grail of them all.  You’d actually want to stay here and not leave.  If you’re watching the video though, there is a sense of fearness in some of the people though.  Is it cause their afraid of the camera or just the stress of creating a movie that’s better than the previous.

If you’ve got time, grab some snacks and relax because what you’re about to see is one of the best “A day in the life..” video in recent years.


Prep And Landing


Just wanted to let you guys know of a Christmas short called Prep And Landing.  It’s about an elf who  makes sure the target location is safe for Santa.  Things happen, but I won’t spoil it for you.

The short is made or maybe published by Disney for ABC.  In actuallity, it’s more like a Pixar short.  There is something about it that makes it to be Pixar.  From the character designs to John Lasseter.  There’s no doubt it’s a Pixar flick.  Enjoy the flick and don’t forget to watch the extras as well.  Watch at Disney.com over HERE.