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Zelda: If It Were A True Sequel

Nothing beats an original like a fan made one.  Check out Joel Furtado’s take on a game if it were to be real.  I’ve got to hand to him for bringing the Wind Waker style and updating it.  The animation is slick and even this short trailer is done nicely.  If Nintendo could make another Zelda this would be it.

8-Bit Fights Back

Called Pixel, this short created by Patrick Jean is a look into a world were 8 bit has been forgotten. Guess what’s it’s not going anywhere.  It’s there to wreak havoc and make the planet into nothing, but straight lines and ultimately into a cube.  Gotta to say this was a really solid piece.

Then you have this little gem.  A person created this 3D cubed Legend of Zelda video.  It was created from a game called 3D Dot Game Heroes.  It doesn’t look like it took long to create.  The mechanics,look and feel is very reminiscent of the 8-bit Nintendo game.  For some reason the old 8-bit style will never fade.  Even 8-bit sounds are making it to the mainstream.  Maybe those that were kids back in the late 80’s early 90’s are older now and taking something in the past and making it new again.  Here’s the video courtesy of Game Informer.

Oops,  apparently I have some trouble embedding Game Informer’s video  so make sure to hit the link above to view.  Here’s a trailer for 3D Dot Game Heroes.  You can clearly  see it’s already very similar to the NES Zelda game.  Even the music is like it.  None the less,  it’s still pretty cool.