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Juggernaut In The Making

Check out this cool timelapse of modeling Juggernaut in 3D.   It takes you from basic modeling to sculpting all the way to retopology.  MmAaXx the person who created this doesn’t take any shortcuts.  Everything is modeled and careful to make most of the topology really good.

The model design itself is very good.  Very realistic yet has that almost photoshopped look.  It’s a really good take on Marvel’s Juggernaut.  If you’re just a beginning modeler or just like to see what goes in the making of a character, watch the video below.  Make to grab something eat a play some music as the video is over 1 hour long.


New Ghost Rider

Who knew there was going to be a sequel to the Ghost Rider.  I surely didn’t know.  As far as watching the trailer.  It looked like it was going to be much darker than the first.  The trailer was very serious, the Ghost Rider also looked much better than the first.  Then the stupidiest thing happened, what the heck was it with the peeing fire.  That was just total off.  It quickly became from being serious (ala Batman) to being very stupid and cliche.

Oh Snap! Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Announced

Street fighter 4 has got nothing on this.  Expect to see some old and new faces from the Marvel and Capcom universe.  They don’t show much in the teaser trailer, but at the end, you can kind of tell how it’s gonna look like.  Think Street Fighter 4 with a slight difference in character design.  The only bad thing is the sound in this trailer is lacking, but the visuals are just as good as when Capcom showed the trailer for Street fighter 4.

So you’ve seen the trailer.  What should we expect?  For one, it’ll have a roster of 30 or probably more characters, most likely online play like SF4.   The biggest downer is that it won’t be released until 2011.  If you can’t get enough, try playing MvC2.

Video Courtesy of IGN.

So What’s Your Opinion On Motion Comics?

After trying to participate in Marvel/Aniboom’s contest and seeing motion comics all over the place, I ask the people of the internet, what’s your take on it.  I have my opinions, but make sure to look at my examples of motion comics.  Now, what’s weird is what is the definition of  a motion comic.  That’s hard to say.  Do too much and then it becomes a crappy cartoon, do too little and it’s boring to watch.  Do it right, well then you’ll keep watching for more.  But remember, comics where always about the story and then the images.  Here’s are some examples of motion comics all ranging from different amounts of animation.


Street Figher


AniBoom & Marvel’s Motion Comic Contest


Hey guys, just got this in my email a couple of days ago.  Marvel and Aniboom are having a contest with a grand prize of $10,000.  This is your chance to do something worth while.  The winner will have their work used as one of the digital comics.

Here are the criteria:  Create motion in the comic(s) provided.  Use only what is given.  Cannot add or change the story in anyway.  Music, Voices, and Pages are provided.  You can do anything you want, just be creative and stick to the rules.

There will be two phases to this contest.  Phase 1 will be to submit the first 7 pages of the comic(s) provided by October 5, 2009.  Five will be chosen and awarded $2,000 to continue to finish the comic.   Phase 2, the finalists and wildcard finalist(s) (yes if you didn’t win in phase 1, you still have a chance of winning the grand prize) will compete for that prize.

You must be signed on to Aniboom to compete.  Have fun and good luck.  More information visit HERE.