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A Look Into Adobe’s Fututre

Adobe Max conference is taking place this week.  Slowly, but surely, there are things that are trickling out.  There are a lot of things that would make a lot of motion graphics designers happy.  The video below shows something that is new, but isn’t really new at all.  What you’re about to see is image mapping, but in this case it’s video mapping.

What the program does it takes the environment of the video and makes it into 3D.  Once calculated, a virtual camera can be set and you can change the view point.  You can zoom in out , pan etc.  Just like image 3D mapping, you can’t go to the extremes.  Just subtles only.  In addition you can have people (who have been rotoscoped) be placed behind objects and other things.  Also you can change focus areas and what not.

The great thing about this is it’s pretty automatic.  The user doesn’t have to use a 3D program and texture objects in 3D space.  It’s all calculated by the program.  We’re sure this will be implemented in a couple of years though.

Also did any notice how the video below the screen is like floating in the air.  They look like their using projection mapping on the stage there.  Pretty neat.