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Cinema 4D R12 Released

Not much to say about this release.  I don’t really think it worth upgrading to.  The only great thing about it is the new linear workflow as well as a new render queue which is a time saver.  There is also the inclusion of Python scripting which opens a whole new world for C4D.  Other than that, nothing really screams buy me.  The cloth dynamics has been improved, but how much are you really going to use it for your projects.  Anyways to get more information and to decide for yourself head on over to Maxon for the full detail and price.

Cinema 4D r11.5 Released Today

Maxon today released the new update to Cinema4D.  New enhancements including render instances, enhanced picture viewer, better integration and support for the new Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7.  Also what most people will truely like about it is better memory management.  Pretty much ensuring that the program will not crash when your scene is very big.  There are new motion graphics capabilities for those that work in motion design.  Check the link at www.maxon.net.

Here’s a video of some of the features

Here’s what is possible.  No Keyframing used. (Note: Slow Connection)