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Mickey Is Back

Check out the intro movie to Mickey Mouse’s new video game called Epic Mickey.  The feeling I get is more like the Kingdom Heart games.  The game seems very dark, but with a Disney touch to it.  As far as the intro goes, it looks to be rendered in real-time (check the anti-aliasing).  I’m surprised it’s in HD because you know that the game is only coming out to the Wii and it’s supposedly not capable of HD.  With Mickey, he always so curious. Playing with thing and creating trouble.  Is this what Curios George was created from?  Anyways, it looks to be fun.

If you’re don’t know what the game play is about, it’s pretty much an adventure game where Mickey has a paintbrush and you can paint things or erase things to your liking or to help you progress in the game.  I’d really like to play this game, but it’s for the Wii.  It looks so outdated not being in HD.