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Are Online Art Contests Really Fair?

So if you haven’t noticed, Aniboom and Marvel have a contest going on.  Now if you were following or participating in the contest, you might have noticed somethings go astray.

Point, the voting system.  Now, it clearly states that Marvel and Aniboom chose who’s going to the finals, but the community heavily influences their decision.  The days before the finals were chosen, I’ve seen ratings for really good art good down in rank while really crappy ones get up moved.  There were people who were downranking the good ones, just so their art would move up and get noticed by the judges.  A lot of participants were really frustrated with this.  Aniboom and Marvel assured that only the best will be chosen.  Now looking at some of the finals there are some great ones, but there are also ones that doesn’t deserve to be there.

Another point, stick to the contest rules.   And Marvel, stick to what you wrote.  As, I watched the progression of the contest, there were people asking if they could use soundeffects or not.  It clearly stated on the contest rules that you couldn’t.  Then they changed it, but not in the official rules.  Then, people also started to make there own version of the images.  Taking what is not there and creating from there.  Now it clearly states, that you may not add anything to the material unless it special effects.  Then I see people drawing different views of the characters.  What the hell is that.

Last and really irriating thing is people’s interpetation of a motion comic book.  I’m looking at some of the finals, and think what is this, this isn’t a motion comic book. Generally, when you look at motion comics, they look like the comic book, but have little additions like explosion.  Very slight character movement.  When you got characters fully moving around with mouth movement it’s not a motion comic.  It’s pretty much a cartoon.  As cool as some of the stuff in the contest are, real motion comics aren’t cartoons or 3D animations.  They are comics on screen where you get slight movements, but you still have to read the bubbles!  End of rant.

So What’s Your Opinion On Motion Comics?

After trying to participate in Marvel/Aniboom’s contest and seeing motion comics all over the place, I ask the people of the internet, what’s your take on it.  I have my opinions, but make sure to look at my examples of motion comics.  Now, what’s weird is what is the definition of  a motion comic.  That’s hard to say.  Do too much and then it becomes a crappy cartoon, do too little and it’s boring to watch.  Do it right, well then you’ll keep watching for more.  But remember, comics where always about the story and then the images.  Here’s are some examples of motion comics all ranging from different amounts of animation.


Street Figher