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And Now Some Oil

I think I’ve said it before, but if schools started using this type of methods for teaching, a lot more kids won’t get bored of it quickly.

Here’s a cool little info-motion about oil and the amount of oil wasted from last year’s BP’s oil incident. Take a gander and find out what didn’t could be made from oil and maybe learn new ways of not being totally dependant on oil.

Make It Better

Typography is one of the most important thing in graphic design. With things moving towards interactive art or motion, how do you spice up your typography. Well take a look at this piece called “Make It Better”. In less than a minute you can gather some ideas for your next project. You’re probably wondering how they did it. Well from what the animator (Sebastián Baptista) stated, there were a lot of keyframing going. Would be nice to see how the artist did the transistion from one type to the other.

Also take note how the sound design has taken the atmosphere of the piece to the next level. Don’t believe, well why don’t you just press the mute button on the video. You’ll notice it doesn’t feel complete without. So does any know how the artist went about to doing all those great transitions? If you do, I comment below.

AniBoom & Marvel’s Motion Comic Contest


Hey guys, just got this in my email a couple of days ago.  Marvel and Aniboom are having a contest with a grand prize of $10,000.  This is your chance to do something worth while.  The winner will have their work used as one of the digital comics.

Here are the criteria:  Create motion in the comic(s) provided.  Use only what is given.  Cannot add or change the story in anyway.  Music, Voices, and Pages are provided.  You can do anything you want, just be creative and stick to the rules.

There will be two phases to this contest.  Phase 1 will be to submit the first 7 pages of the comic(s) provided by October 5, 2009.  Five will be chosen and awarded $2,000 to continue to finish the comic.   Phase 2, the finalists and wildcard finalist(s) (yes if you didn’t win in phase 1, you still have a chance of winning the grand prize) will compete for that prize.

You must be signed on to Aniboom to compete.  Have fun and good luck.  More information visit HERE.