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The Lost Levels: The Early Sheets

Got another music video here for Friday.  The band is called Lost Levels and the song is called The Early Sheets.  Lost Levels is from the United Kingdom.  They really are an indie band.  They aren’t even signed to a record company.   The video fits perfectly with the music.  From the characters to the 8bit sounds to the hook,  this a group to watch out for.   Not too fancy or in your face.  It’s very easy on the eyes.

Band Site: myspace.com/thelostlevels

Director’s Site: radarmusicvideos.com/users/eyebath

A Different Take On Music Visualization

Created by Esteban Diácono, this piece is for those that want something inspirational to listen too.  What this set it apart from those music visualization, this one uses a smoke in water type technique.  It’s quite interesting how the smoke reacts to the different notes of the music.  Below there are texts for inspiration.  Just the whole piece looks great. Quality, composition, color and soundtrack are top notice.

After taking a look at the comments section on this piece, it was all done with After Effects, Particular, and Soundkeys.  No 3D program involved.  Truly amazing.

Zune HD: The Revolution Begins


In the last couple of days, more specifically yesterday, there have been a lot of buzz with the new Zune HD.  Now don’t take this portable media player lightly.  For those Apple loyalist this article is not for you.  I don’t need to hear how Apple is this and that and Microsoft is this and that.

Now why do I call it a revolution?  If you look at the videos (look below), you will be in awe.  Interface is very smooth.  Thanks to the power of the Tegra chip,  it is able to produce those fancy graphics.  I’ve never seen anything like that that was that smooth for a mobile device.  Now take this for what you will.  Remember this Zune is running off from what I hear a version of Windows CE.   You’ve seen WinMo 6.5.  They are experimenting with the UI.  It’s starting to look like the Zune HD.  If they keep building it with the better hardware what will we get?  The answer is the future Windows phone (Windows Mobile 7).   This is only the beginning of what’s to come.

Now some may say that the Zune UI is bad or all flash no usability.  What do I see, something totally different.  Creating a UI based on words alone.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that, but I’m sure there will still be some icons.  Those who critisize the word UI, I ask you this, what so hard about reading words.  Are people that illiterate that people have graduated school and don’t know how to read.  Also some say that its all a bunch of words and you don’t know which to press.  It’s quite simple, the selectable text are those that are pure white or whatever color (at it’s full brightness).  Those that are not are faded into the back.  Also to go the previous screen, you just press the word that is cropped on the top,  how simple is that. It’s a pretty big back button too.  I think it a pretty slick UI.  When Microsft starts implementing this in their Windows Mobile OS (specifically WinMo 7), competitors better be worried especially when it’s paired with Tegra or a higher end hardware.

Don’t forget it not just about Zune and Microsoft.  When the Tegra hardware or other high-end hardware is widely available we’ll see some great stuff at a great battery life too.  From Sony (Crossbars smoothness) to HTC’s revamped Touchflo to Andriod.

To Microsoft and the Zune designers/programmers props for thinking out of the box and creating something many people want.  Microsoft looks like will have a good late 2009 – 2010 with release of Windows7, Zune HD, and Windows Mobile 7.   The Zune HD comes out in mid September in 16 and 32 gig variants.  Features include  720p video playback, browser, Microsoft Marketplace, artist bio,  AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, and HD radio.  Did I miss other things?  Let me know.    Now if you have a spare Zune HD, I’ll gladly review it.

Here’s another video to drool over.  Videos courtesy of  Crunchgear and PC MAG.

Visit the Zune Site HERE.

Kicking It Old School


Trying to get rid of all that techno electronic sound?  Look no further.  Check out the Camerawalls.  It’s a sound taking you back a couple of decades when the Beatles reigned supreme.  The Camerawalls takes all that is old new again.  They’re not trying to spruce things up, but just making what is good.

As described from their website:

“The Sight is haunting.  Whenever theband sets up, there’s a rapid time warp – yester years briefly coming to life.

Based in Manila, Philippines, The Camerawalls elevates the country’s plateau as they parade the competencies  of Filipino musicians.  An indie pop trio with brutally honest lyrics and shrewd musically, the swift advent of credits at the band’s young stage is not a surprise.  Their songs are like souls at their most bare form.  The astounding gift of transmuting everyday ideas shapes them into  a potential worldwide wonder.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be in the Philippines to buy their album.  They are available on Itunes and AmazonMP3 download.  Which was surprising as usually importing was the only means of owning an album.  Anyways here’s a video of their song “Clinically Dead For 16 Hours”.

Offical Website here

Paperdoll Creating Nerd Pop


Paperdoll is a indie band from New York.  Consisting of bandmates Teresa Lee Chaisiri (Vocals, Piano), Patrick Moloney (Gutiar), Jack Koch (Bass) and Chip Thomas (Drums).  All very talented with experience to back it up.

How I found them, well I was just reading a blog and they had an interview with them.  Nothing too special, but what really caught my eye was the design of their mascot.  The robot.  I was like hmmm, maybe I’ll like their music.  Oh, boy did I really like what I heard.    The energy the singer Teresa gives is just right.  Not overdoing it to the point like we get you, you can stop yelling now.  What I really like about this band is that they flow really well together.   The voice doesn’t overpower the instruments and vice-versa.  Catchy toons and not very repetative.  Even live, they sound really good.

This sums them up from their website:

“Talented and well-polished, the multi-faceted group is known for high energy shows and blending edgy instrumentation with catchy hooks and refreshing vocals.”

Check out their first music video “Anything At All”

Check them out at their official website at www.paperdollband.com

You can listen and purchase their first album here