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Google’s New Layout: Google Copied Bing?

Has anyone noticed the new layout Google has been using in the past few weeks?  It seems as though they are currently testing out a new layout.  For me the new layout doesn’t come up in all searches, only once in a while.  I thought my mind was boggling when I saw the old boring Google home page at work compared to the bright Google home page at my home computer.  As you can see from the pictures below, the home page has a brighter Google logo, beveled text input box, and bigger buttons.  The source all looks like html web standards CSS with the usual compressed JavaScript.  Did the old site’s home page use tables?  This new one seems all CSS.

The actual search results page now has a left menu bar.  Since Microsoft’s Bing uses this left menu bar, all I can think of is “Google Copied Bing!”  When you click on “Images”, the left menu bar should stay, but instead it disappears and we go back to the old layout.  Google must know about the importance of UI consistency!  The expanding “More/Less” button is pretty nifty and uses a CSS effect which may or may not have been done using JQuery.  All in all, it looks pretty good.  I especially like how clean the paging links are.

Google New LayoutGoogle New Layout