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Ninja Vs. Pirates

I don’t know what it is about these days, but there are some great international animation teams doing great work.  Take for instance Fruit Punch Studio.  The group consists of graduates from The One Academy in Malayasia.  Ninja Vs. Pirates is pretty self explanatory.  The title says it all.  It’s a ninja against a pirate.  There are some funny moments.  Being that the ninja was on the heavy end, you kind of know what the ending was going to be about.

As far as animation goes, top notch all the way around.  Smooth and fluid as some of the big boys.  Story was simple and easily understandable.  Character design was different, but not ugly.  The colors were very vibrant and relaxed.    Hopefully this isn’t a one-time-thing and that the guys at Fruit Punch Studio create more in the future.

Ninja Assassin Finally

The trailer for the movie Ninja Assassin has finally been revealed.   The trailer looks pretty good.  It’s very dark, alot of fight sequences and Rain has dialog.  He is the lead character named Raizo.  If you don’t know Rain, he is a Korean superstar who is a singer, CF model and now actor.  A pretty well known star in Asia.  He made his American debut in Speed Racer with minimal dialog.  Ninja Assassin also stars Naomie Harris, Ben Miles, Sho Kosugi and Rick Yune.  The movie is out November 25, 2009, yep 2009 not 2010.  As stated earlier, this is not a live action Ninja Scroll for the fact it takes place in present time and as well as Warner Brothers plan to make the real Ninja Scroll with the original production house (Madhouse) who created the anime.   The film is directed by James McTeigue of V for Vendetta  and produced by Joel Silver and Wachowski brothers (well the Wachowskis now).