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Android On The iPhone

This is a milestone.  The Android OS is running natively on the iPhone.  It’s still in the alpha stage and it only works on the 2G version (aluminum backing).  In time and with the help of donations, we’ll see it for all versions of the iPhone.  I’ve been waiting for this forever.  Now it’s only a matter of time before we don’t have to toss our old iPhones and save around $500 in the process.  By changing the OS, it opens a whole new world.

As you can see from the video, it is working pretty well for an alpha. It’s freaking smooth.  Calls, wifi, data, and touch are all working.  I would have liked to see the navigation on it as that is one of the great things about Android as well as it’s openness.  Yeah, we’re not stuck with iTunes anymore.  As you can see he mapped some of the buttons differently.  In the end, it looks very promising.  If you’re afraid of doing this or are sick of the OS, you can always revert back to the Apple OS since all you’re doing is dual booting.   Don’t forget to donate so they can speed the process up.  Don’t drool too much cause you’re about to see what’s really “magical”. For donations or to contribute head on over to linuxoniphone.

I’ve Moved To Ubuntu

Well, more likely I’m a multi OS person now.  As you know, I’ve been using Window7 beta on my netbook.  It will soon been turning off ever two hours and after that sometime in the summer it will totally be unusable.  I know that there are ways to circumvent it.  I just don’t want to deal with.

I’ve been looking at Linux and more closely Ubuntu.  If you want to give it a shot and you’re on windows, check out Wubi.  It’s an Ubuntu installer and is all done in Windows and acts like an app.  All you do after installing it is restart your computer and boot in Ubuntu.  You can even uninstall it in Windows if you don’t like.  This is probably the easiest way to install Ubuntu or the other way is just to use the live CD, which boots from the cd.  It is somewhat slow though.

Probably the hardest thing with Ubuntu is installing drivers.  If your components are built into Ubuntu you’re all set.  If your not familiar with the terminal (command window), then you should probably stick to windows or mac.  If you’re lucky, they will probably have an automatic installer, but I’ve haven’t seen it yet for the drivers I need.

I tried to set up my wireless network usb adapter (purchased separately).  Note, that adapter didn’t have a Linux driver, so it made it harder to get it noticed.  I had to look around.  Found a similar device with the same chipset.   Did all that was instructed.  Ubuntu detected it, but I didn’t know how to input my network settings.   It did install, but there was no GUI for the device.  The built in network manager didn’t see it.  So, I eventual went back to my built in wireless card.  That was detected upon install and worked with the network manager.  No problems at all.  I did lose my Broadcom Crystal HD (didn’t matter as installing it’s drivers in Ubuntu was more than I could handle).  The gist of it is that if you’re unlucky, you gonna have to find the linux driver, and either just install or compile, make the installer, and then install it.

As far as installing the software, it was a cinch.  There are a lot of how-to’s.  If they don’t have an automatic installer, you would just install using the terminal.  A lot of them are just cut and paste.  All the Linux software that I installed didn’t have any issues.  The only one were a Windows app running on WINE, but other than that all smooth sailing from there.  Web browsing works the same.  Flash works well and Quicktime/mp4 works well too.  It uses an open source version and it still works as well as the original.

The best thing about Ubuntu is customization.  It took me awhile to get it to look right after installing theme managers and so forth.  The best thing is it doesn’t seem to have reduced my system performance.  I’m running this on a netbook (Samsung NC10).  It doesn’t feel clogged or stressed out.  I’ve made mine similar to Windows7, but with a black glass look.  It’s pretty neat. I’ve also added the Expose of OSX.  I didn’t use the multi desktop (very specific to Ubuntu/linux) because I just couldn’t get used it.  Maybe later when I’ve matured with Ubuntu.

I do have to work out some kinks.  One is trying to get all permission to a storage partition for a non-administrator user.  The other is trying to find an anti-virus software that is easy to install and will also detect and kill the virus.  You’re asking why do you need an anti virus software for Linux, well I do use Windows.  I’m also on a network that has Windows so there could be problems.  Also I’ve read that you can still get rootkits/spyware especially if you just download programs that aren’t in the Synaptic package thingy.

As far ditching Windows, well that probably won’t happen.  I use software that only works in Windows or OSX (Adobe CS3 Master) and WINE doesn’t work well for those types of programs.  Also the driver thing is a big turn off for me.  I’m sure they could sort it out in the future, since you can already install programs just like how you would do it on OSX or Windows.  If I didn’t need software that only worked on Windows and the driver installation wasn’t so hard, I’d have it on all my computers.  Yes it’s that good.  Just another thing, Ubuntu feels so much snappier than when I had windows7 except for the boot time.  So check out Ubuntu or the other Linux OS.  You won’t be disappointed.  Check out the video below for a how-to.

And So It Begins

You might have heard of a little OS that will be released soon.   If you’re an avid television viewer, you might start seeing all these commercial regarding Windows 7.  I actually enjoy watching them.  I think they are pretty catchy.  Especially with the little kid.  The kid gets your attention and then bam give you some quotes from reviews (and you actually read them) and some really macho music.  Totally different from the cutesy stuff on the screen.  Now that’s some advertisement.

Also as the time gets closer to the release of the OS, you will see they will start to focus on new features on the OS.  If you’re a computer person then these commercials mean nothing to you, but to those that are let’s say less computer savy then these commercials are for you.

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