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Ninja Assassin Finally

The trailer for the movie Ninja Assassin has finally been revealed.   The trailer looks pretty good.  It’s very dark, alot of fight sequences and Rain has dialog.  He is the lead character named Raizo.  If you don’t know Rain, he is a Korean superstar who is a singer, CF model and now actor.  A pretty well known star in Asia.  He made his American debut in Speed Racer with minimal dialog.  Ninja Assassin also stars Naomie Harris, Ben Miles, Sho Kosugi and Rick Yune.  The movie is out November 25, 2009, yep 2009 not 2010.  As stated earlier, this is not a live action Ninja Scroll for the fact it takes place in present time and as well as Warner Brothers plan to make the real Ninja Scroll with the original production house (Madhouse) who created the anime.   The film is directed by James McTeigue of V for Vendetta  and produced by Joel Silver and Wachowski brothers (well the Wachowskis now).

Despicable Me Trailer

There’s a new movie coming out in the summer of 2010.  It’s called Despicable Me.  From the looks of the it, will be another good looking animation.  This is the first movie to come from Illumination Entertainment.  They are a division of Universal.

Here is a little thing about the movie.  In a perfect neighborhood there is this house that sits on a dead lawn.  Unknowingly to th neighbors, underneath this house is a secret hideout.  There you’ll find Gru.  A person who loves stealing items.  Not just any items, but big important ones.  Under this house he plans to do his biggest one yet.  He plans to take the moon.   There is a snag though.  He encounters three little girls who are orphans.  In their eyes they see a potential dad in him.  What will Gru do? Is the his greatest challenge not the moon, but children?

We’ll have to wait to find.  Luckly, it’s a year from now before the movie is released so another trailer or two will pop up.  Their website is up, but there isn’t much in it.  It looks nice though like the movie.


HD Trailer: here