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The Creators Project

Looks like there’s another video site on the rise.  The Creators Project is a new (well technically a toddler) site that focuses more on technology and how it influences music, film, gaming and art.  In this site we get a gilmpse of the creators of said pieces and how they manage to create something as simple as electronic sounds and make some compelling music with.  Others how they used technology to create illusion.  It’s a very different site from Youtube or Vimeo.  While one is about views, the other is about the piece, the Creators Project is about the person behind the piece and their thought process.

The Creators Projects gives us interviews and behind the scenes.  The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t focus on the big acts.  It focuses on the truely innovative artists, musicians.  It’s not limited to people in the US either.  You get videos from all over the world from the UK to all the way to the east Asian countries.

Check it out at www.creatorsproject.com