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The Man That Brought Us Blinky

Is back with a new teaser for one of his shorts.  Called Imaginary Forces.  So what is it basically about?  Well from what the teaser trailer tells us, it’s about a guy who sees things that no one else does.  Is it just him or is there something really wrong with the world that he alone notices?  Will we end up to see these imaginary forces interact with reality?  We’ll have to wait and see.

If you didn’t know, Imaginary Forces is the creation of Ruairi Robinson who made the very dark short called Blinky.  Also just a little known fact, Ruairi was almost the director for the yet unfilmed live action Akira film.  If you look at this film you can kind of see what Ruairi’s vision of Akira might have been.  Anyways, the video is below, but you’ll be depressed that you won’t know when he’ll actually release the short.