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Ninja Vs. Pirates

I don’t know what it is about these days, but there are some great international animation teams doing great work.  Take for instance Fruit Punch Studio.  The group consists of graduates from The One Academy in Malayasia.  Ninja Vs. Pirates is pretty self explanatory.  The title says it all.  It’s a ninja against a pirate.  There are some funny moments.  Being that the ninja was on the heavy end, you kind of know what the ending was going to be about.

As far as animation goes, top notch all the way around.  Smooth and fluid as some of the big boys.  Story was simple and easily understandable.  Character design was different, but not ugly.  The colors were very vibrant and relaxed.    Hopefully this isn’t a one-time-thing and that the guys at Fruit Punch Studio create more in the future.

The Risk Not Taken

Here’s another great creation by Alex Glawion.  Known for his abstract shorts.  Also known in the Blender community for using Blender for modeling, animating, and rendering.  In his latest short, his graduation film, he shows a little teaser of  “The Risk Not Taken”.  Not much is known about this short, but Alex plans to premiere it at the Blender Conference this year.

Fight The Foot (TMNT)

Creatives are coming out in full force.  Ordinary people looking to make it the biz are trying to get themselves noticed.  With the advent of Youtube and Vimeo, those that are unknown can propel themselves thanks to those outlets.  They are not restricted to just film festivals.

This short is one of those.  It’s based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  April the reporter is being attacked by a bunch of guys with mask and Raphael comes to her rescue.  This scene looks like it’s before April became friends with the turtles.  The concepts is simple, but the mood is where it’s at.  Taking a cue from deep gritty of Nolan’s Batman and that Mortal Kombat short.  Acting is subpar as the person playing April isn’t very believeable when she speaks.

With rumors of a new TMNT, makes you wonder how they will take the direction of the movie.  Will it be like the comic where it’s dark and gritty or will it go the way of the cartoons and 90’s movie.  If it were me, I’d take an in between.  As this will most like be geared to the kiddies (major market for toys), it’s probably be more like the 90’s movies.

Logorama: Product Placement All Around

Logorama is the creation of the French collective H5.  It’s a great short that shows everyday product brands  and putting life into them.  It has a mixture of everything.  It’s fun to watch and see all those brands doing something that you would have never thought.  Think that Ronald McDonald is all happy and nice? Think again.  I never thought the Pringles man can drive a truck before.

It’s a very entertaining short.  It’s been nominated for an Oscar this year for best short.  Will it win?  I don’t know.   From watching it, while entertaining, it kind of got lost at the end.  They never really finished the story from the beginning which was kind of a let down.  It’s still fun to watch, but make sure you don’t let the little kids see this, as there are some mature language.

Short’s Official site: www.logorama-themovie.com

Creators site: www.h5.fr

Confession Of Fumiko

Now this is a short you’ll like, especially if you like anime.  This one’s called Confession of Fumiko.  It’s about a girl who asks a boy out, but the boy rejects her.  Love this short, it’s really short too.  The animation is very reminiscent of FLCL.  The soundtrack I’ve heard of before (I think it was from Macross Plus), but works really well with the concept of the short.  Enough of me babbling and let’s get on with the show.

Remember The Halo Short?

Well, they now have a  behind the scenes look at how they made the live action short.  It’s always cool at what process they take to create the phenomenal piece.  From taking computer generated models and sculpting them, to using animatronics to create the monsters the end result is what high budget movies are made of.  Well take a gander, there’s some extra stuff you didn’t see the first time around.