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A Short Using Almost Every Technique

Check out this short.  A short about the steps through life.  From grade school all the way to their senior years.  Not only that, but the techniques used are a plenty.  Using stop motion, 3d animation, 2d and with some motion graphics thrown in,  Carlos Lascano has created a wonderful piece.  The short is called “A Short Love Story In Stop Motion”.

To The Forest We Shall Go

Here is a short called The Forest.  It’s about a little girl named Antionia who daydreams a lot.  Why does she daydream, well that’s simple.   She simply want  to get away from reality and its problems.

This short is one of those surreal animation.  Think of Tim Burton’s style.  It’s a little dark, but not too scary.  The narration is perfect.  Very intelligent and imaginative.  The Piece is the creation of David Scharf with the help of a few other people as well.

The Movie “9” Not “Nine” Comes Out Today

9 comes out today.  After all those teasers and a great trailer, we finally get the movie. Will the movie be a sleeper hit like that other movie with the same number.  Time will tell.  If the movie is anything like the short, it’s gonna rock your socks off.  If you can’t watch the movie til the weekend, then watch the  short to calm you down a little.  Have a look at the short below.  You will not be disappointed.

The Perfect Combination. 3D And Paint.


Just browsing the internet today and saw a really good looking short.  This short is called Anchor.  The visuals is stunning.  The creator used painterly textures for the characters.  Also the background painting blends in so well with the 3D characters. The subtle use of the texts in the water and rope is very creative. The music fits in very well.  Don’t forget to check out his concept artwork too.

Supinfocom Short: Gary

Even though this short came out last year, I still wanted to show you guys. If you don’t know what Supinfocom is, it’s pretty much called University of Communication Science. It’s a school that specializes in computer graphics with campuses in France and India.  In the process, the school creates many high quality shorts that are entered into festivals.

For this short called Gary, its about a boy with a crush on this older girl.  She’s not noticing him due to his age.  So, he draws himself older on a wall.  His older self becomes alive.  The story goes on from there.  I’ll let you watch the rest.

I thought the story was very well done.  Even though I don’t understand French, it was  still easy to follow what’s going on.  Artistically, the style is very refreshing.  Nice colors, not too saturated and character design is different too.  The various techniques make you wonder what’s 3d and what’s 2d.  It was well done.  The piece was created  by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet.  You can take a look at the short’s official site at www.gary-lefilm.com.

Memory From A Robot’s Perspective

Here is a good little short animation piece by a group of individuals in Japan.  They call themselves Falcon One. This is probably one of the first shorts I’ve seen done with Blender other than the ones by the Blender Foundation.  The short takes the viewer to the memories of a robot before the big war.  The animation in some part wasn’t very good, but the design and atmosphere sure are.  The music is very fitting too.  Very reminiscent of some Final Fantasy pieces.  What’s strange is you forget all the technical faults of the piece because the story is very touching.  You might have a tear in your eye.  If you don’t believe me take a look at it below.  It’s 7 minutes that will be well spent.

You can visit and view more of their works at www.falcon-one.net.