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Intuos5 Now With Touch

Wacom has just introduced their new line of Intuos tablets.  The Intuos5 tablets are now touch tablets as well.  Other new things that are different are the now rubberized coating on the tablet and the removal of the led for the buttons.  In place of it we are just greeted by nothing but buttons and the wheel.  All the buttons are now shown in HUD on the screen.

For the touch aspect of the device, the tablet is capable of multitouch (probably around 10 fingers).  It’s only activated when the stylus is not in the range of the tablet.

Wondering about the drawing surface of the tablet?  Well it has the same coating as the intuos4.  Meaning that it feels like paper, but that coating will disappear over time.  It will also make the nib on your pen degrade faster as well.

Another cool feature is the wireless add-on.  The downside is that you’ll need a usb port still and the battery life isn’t very good.  Depending on the size it can range from 16 hours to 6 hours.  Not very good, but oh well.

As for those people thinking about upgrading, I’d say it’d be a wait see approach.  With Windows 8 just around the corner though, touch input will be even more popular now than it was before.  Oh yeah, did I mention the pricing seems to have been reduced?  It seems like it’s $100 less compared to  the same size of the intuos4.   If I was given one or had the money,  I’d sure as hell grab one (now only if the touch implementation worked seamlessly).

Windows 8 Why Are You So Far?

I’m not talking about features or user interface wise, but on when you’ll be available to the masses. Your touch ui is really great. The split screen is genius. How about that multitasking nice. Oh and those touch button icon (some of the most used things you would do) is awesome. Did I mention how software (apps) can be made via HTML5 and Java if you’re so inclined. It’s a freaking full OS!

My question, why are you so far away? Why do you have to tease us, when all we have is that ios thing and that other honey thing? You’re like that light at the end of the tunnel. You’re like an oasis. You’ve got the looks, the power, and the individuality. Who needs those other underpowered oses when we can have a full blown one that can run every big app imaginable (if they rewrite it for Windows 8).

You think I’m full of it? Well check out the video below:

PS: Hey Microsoft, I’d be glad to be a beta tester for Windows 8 (of course with one of the quad-core tablet to test it on).

Asus Ep121: An Artist’s Dream Tablet

Things are looking mighty fine for tablets in the year 2011.  Not only are there an abundent amount of Android tablets, there are also new players in the game like RIM with their Playbook and HP WebOS tablets.  Probably the one that is really catching a lot of attention is the one by Asus. Called the EeePad  e121, it’s a 12in slate tablet that runs Windows7.

The specs are truely amazing for such a thin device.  It’s got 12″ (1280×800 resolution) IPS display that is both a capacitive and a Wacom digitizer.  Yeah you heard that right, a Wacom digitizer.  Not only that, but it also has a core I5 processor.  It’s not a Core2Duo nor an Atom processor.  A full blown updated (hopefully a Sandy-Bridge) processor.  Now the only two drawbacks I see are the Intel HD graphics, but hopefully it’s the much newer version that comes out with the new Sandy-Bridge processors.  The other thing is the battery-life.  It’s not the greatest, but it’s in line with any laptop these days.  From intials testings from people around the web that’s got it, it’ last around 3-4 hours.  I’m not really surprised since it runs an Intel core I5 processor, it has 12″ screen with  touch and Wacom pen and it’s only slighty thicker than an iPad.  Did I mention that this tablet is affordable for what you get?  It will retail for $1000.  That’s cheap I tell.  Anyways, take a gander at the video below.

Touching The Bamboo Tablet

There’s a new Wacom Bamboo floating around.  What sets this apart is that its a touch tablet. It a multitouch where the Wacom software makes good use of it.  Providing pretty good gestures for you creative programs.  Now,  some beef with it is that it’s an super huge laptop touchpad.  Nothing more. It really doesn’t make sense.  If you’re gonna make a touch something, make it a touchscreen.  That’s all I can say.  A mouse, trackball takes much less space than a touch tablet.

There are some rumors that there are larger Bamboo Touch with pen input.  If that is the case, then that would make more sense.  It might even make it much more valued item than the Intuos4.  Imagine using the pen for your drawing what nots, and switch to your fingers for other takes.  Now that’s something I would buy.

What’s even wierd is that it is not listed on Wacom site (US  and international).  Interesting.  Well take a look at video to decide if its worth it or not.

Thanks to leopardsoup for having the Bamboo Touch and showing it to everybody.

Intuos4 Brings New Rotary

A couple of months ago Wacom introduced the Intous4.  It’s a step up from the Intuos3.  One very big improvement is the USB cord.   The cord is now detachable and can be placed on either side of the tablet.  The other great improvements are the new buttons with little LED reminders of the what the buttons do.  They can be all remapped to different software.  Another good thing is that it has the rotary wheel which is great for Photoshop CS4’s canvas rotation as well as Painter.  CS3 folks will have it too, but it’s only every 90 degree rotation.  Doing video editing is great too as it  provides accurate video scrolling.

As far as sizes go, they changed the naming scheme this time around.  They have moved to a more simple approach.  They go by names:

Small  (6×4″ active)  $229

Medium  (9×5.5″)  $349

Large  (13×8″)  $469

X-Large   (18×12″)  $798

As far as construction goes, the build quality is good.  Just like the Intuos3, the weight is pretty much identically.   Depending on the size of your tablet.  The high-gloss finish on the  buttons/wheel area is elegant, but is a finger print magnet.  The pen is better than the previous with 2048 pressure sensitive meaning you don’t have to press as hard to get a reading on the tablet.  Also the design of the pen is shorter and lighter as well.  Please take note that the rubber area does like to get lint/dust alot.  Another nice thing that Wacom did was with the pen holder.  They have now made it as a storage to hold your extra nibs.  This I’m sure ensures people to either not loose their nibs or to not forget where they put it.  If your especially an artist or just have some carpel in your hands this is a great tool.


Oh yeah, don’t forget yourself a smudgeguard glove.  If you have sweaty hands and your hand sticks to the surface of the tablet, this will be a good investment.