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Toy Story 3 Official Trailer


It’s finally out.  Though it doesn’t come out for another 8 months,  the trailer does look good.  Looks like the look is the same, just more up to date.  The voice actors seem to be the same and we have the same guy doing the main song for this movie as well.  Toy Story 3 is one movie you shouldn’t miss next summer.

As you can tell from this trailer, the little boy has grown older and I believe has gone to college.  The toys contemplating if they will be thrown away.  You soon find out that they are placed in a kindergarden or daycare room full of little kids.   It looks like this is where their new adventure begins.

Don’t forget Toy Story 3 comes out next year.  If you can’t wait that long, you can catch the double featurette of both Toy Story 1 and 2 in theaters. Oh, there will be bathroom break in between too.

1 2 Freddy’s Coming For You…

The chant is back and as creepy as ever.  The reboot of the guy in the black and red stripped sweater.  Freddy Krueger is back.  It still gives me chills.  Maybe because when I was a kid, this guy freaked me out.  Now it’s back.    You might noticed some notable faces like the guy who played John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the girl who played Ruby (Version 1) in Supernatural.

You do get a small glimpse Freddy, but is the look good?  It a toss up right now.  The thing is his voice is too different as well as he pretty much doesn’t have all those  wrinkle things or whatever on his face.  His skin looks so realistic though.  How a real skin looks when it’s just been burned really should  look like.  He does kind of remind me of some of the monsters or ghosts in Harry Potter except he’s human flesh colored.  All I know is the character who plays Freddy, Jackie Earle Haley, is making him into his own.

Too bad that A Nightmare on Elm Street opens on April of 2010.  It would have been a perfect fit for a Halloween release.   I’ll be watching this when it does comes out.  I’ll watch something happy before I see this movie though.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Snake Cloned)

p_mgs_peaceYou know, there is something about this game.  Even though I’m not into war games, this is probably the only one I’ve ever played and finished as well.  Here comes a new title from the series created by Kojima Productions.  Take note, this is not the PS3 or the PS2,  this all running on the PSP.  Yes,  you heard that right.  This game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, is running on Sony’s little portable machine.

As you can tell the by the graphics, it’s really good minus the anti aliasing, but who needs that when you’re playing the game on a 3.5″ screen.  The cool thing about this game is it’s co op.  You all play as a version of Solid Snake.  Only up to four can play though.  Take a look at this really long trailer (9 minutes).  After you watch it, it makes you really want to play.  Those advertising people sure know how to get us excited.

Check out the Site at HERE .

Thanks to vandadk for the video.

Killer Bean Forever: The One Man Show

Killer Bean Forever is a creation from Jeff Lew.  What this animation set itself apart from others is that it was a one man show.  Jeff Lew created the animation all by himself.  A little background on Jeff.  As an engineer graduate,  he soon found out that engineering wasn’t for him.  He first became a website designer and on his off time he was honing his skills to become an animator.  That’s when he created Killer Bean and the rest is history.  He’s done animations for many of the big movies including Transformer: Revenge Of The Fallen, Matrix Reloaded and X-Men just to name a few.

Take a look at the trailer below.  Don’t forget to watch the first scene also in HD. You will not be disappointed.  Also support him by purchasing Killer Bean Forever.   This film has been in production for over 4 years and many man hours.  He worked on it on his own time and money.

You can also view the whole first scene HERE in HD.  Killer Bean Forever can be ordered at www.killerbeanforever.com.  In the future, Jeff will be planning to release the HD version of Killer Bean Forever only as a digital pay download.

New Astro Boy Trailer


The new trailer for Astro Boy came out.  It shows a little more of the story for the movie.  In my opinion they really got the feel for the character.  He also seems to be a little  older than in the cartoons or comics.

Anyways, IMAGI is doing the animation for this.  IMAGI is a Hong Kong based animation studio.  They are best known for doing the CG animated TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  From the looks of it, the company has picked up some new techniques.  As you can very well see, the image quality has improved siginifcantly from their previous projects.  I never thought they were going to finish this movie, as there has been some rumors a while back that money was an issue and IMAGI had to shutdown for a while.  I’m just glad this were able to complete it.  Now can someone please make a Mega Man movie.  Come on Capcom, you know you want to.

Astro Boy Official Movie Site : HERE

IMAGI website : HERE

Video courtesy of Youtube

Imaginarium Imaginarium Imaginarium Say That 3x Fast


The teaser trailer is out for Heath Ledger’s final work,  Terry Gilliam‘s The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus. All I can say is this film is full of fantasy and then some.  Colorful, stylized, and freaky at the same time.  With a star cast of famous people.  Yeah I’m too lazy to name them.  This one is going to be a treat.  The movie comes out in October of this year.  You can take a look at the international trailer below.

Official Site (Still under construction)