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Fight The Foot (TMNT)

Creatives are coming out in full force.  Ordinary people looking to make it the biz are trying to get themselves noticed.  With the advent of Youtube and Vimeo, those that are unknown can propel themselves thanks to those outlets.  They are not restricted to just film festivals.

This short is one of those.  It’s based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  April the reporter is being attacked by a bunch of guys with mask and Raphael comes to her rescue.  This scene looks like it’s before April became friends with the turtles.  The concepts is simple, but the mood is where it’s at.  Taking a cue from deep gritty of Nolan’s Batman and that Mortal Kombat short.  Acting is subpar as the person playing April isn’t very believeable when she speaks.

With rumors of a new TMNT, makes you wonder how they will take the direction of the movie.  Will it be like the comic where it’s dark and gritty or will it go the way of the cartoons and 90’s movie.  If it were me, I’d take an in between.  As this will most like be geared to the kiddies (major market for toys), it’s probably be more like the 90’s movies.