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Can’t Wait For Dark Knight Rises?

Then check out Batman Delivrance. A Batman fan made short that really doesn’t make sense. While the visuals were pleasing for the most part (too much used of straight out black though), the story was left to be desired. If you don’t know, in this short, Batman is old and and fights Wolverine. Yes, Wolverine. I have know idea why they’re fighting but they’re fighting in a scene that’s all black except for a spot light above. I guess it was just cheaper to not have a set at all. Wolverine looked just the movie Wolverine. Plus one for that and the Batman suit is pretty good. So the final scene which is the fight between Batman and Wolverine, what happens, who wins? The ending is likely not what you would expect. One thing I don’t get, so why the heck is the credits in English when the whole short was in French (with English Subtitles). That just doesn’t make sense. If you’re a fan of Batman and love to see what a crossover of superheros would be like, then take a look a this French Batman short. It’s not really bad, it just didn’t make sense.

Huh? Where’s Wolverine?

What the hell happened?  This must have been lost in translation.  He looks nothing that resembles Logan.  WTF.  This is a disgrace to the creator of the character.  Usually when they create an American character into their own, there is still some resemeber, but nope the only thing relating this anime character to the real Wolverine is the claws.  Nothing else.  If they didn’t call this Wolverine, I wouldn’t have had a problem.  At least they  got Batman and Iron Man pretty close.


See the picture above,  that’s a much better interpertation of Wolverine.  Man that would have been better.  Dirty and grittier like the original.  Oh well what can we do. This anime must be really very absurdly loosely based on Wolverine.  On the plus side, the animation looks slick though.  Also, I really like Madhouse’s logo sequence simple and the music is great.