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Juggernaut In The Making

Check out this cool timelapse of modeling Juggernaut in 3D.   It takes you from basic modeling to sculpting all the way to retopology.  MmAaXx the person who created this doesn’t take any shortcuts.  Everything is modeled and careful to make most of the topology really good.

The model design itself is very good.  Very realistic yet has that almost photoshopped look.  It’s a really good take on Marvel’s Juggernaut.  If you’re just a beginning modeler or just like to see what goes in the making of a character, watch the video below.  Make to grab something eat a play some music as the video is over 1 hour long.


Animating In Zbrush

Well it looks like the program Zbrush is evolving.  It used to be just a program where you take a character from a separate package and then you use Zbrush to make really good take textures.  It was also a really good scalping program as well.  Now with Zbrush 4, it looks like you can start animating your  characters within the program as well.  I don’t know how useful it would be since you can’t really place a whole scene in Zbrush, but it looks like the makers of Zbrush, Pixologic, is trying to expand on the success of the program.

More Information at zbrushcentral.com.

UV Master

Looks like Pixologic has more tricks up it’s sleeve.  Zbrush being one the best 3D sculpting tools around has just released a plugin that will allow you to UV map your creation within seconds with a click of a button.  Don’t be fooled by that one click, there are other settings for greater accuracy and control.  You can use weight paints for allow which will be seamed  and not.  There are many more.  Check out more information at zbrushcentral.com.

Official Site: www.pixologic.com

Wow This Is Fake?

With the 3RD And 7th video and now this, I think we will get into that uncanny valley of what’s real and what’s fake fairly soon.

This body builder is a CG rendered from a photo.  Created by Jian Xu, he modeled the pose loosely and imported into Z-brush to work on the final render.  As always, there were some doubts with people, so there is proof of his work in progress.  If you’ve check out his other work, you knew he was capable of this.  One thing for sure, this is his MOST realistic human render yet.  You can find the discussion and praise HERE.

Footage courtesy of CGSociety.org